July 21, 2024

2 PM

The Silly Sorcery Showcase: A Magical Sunday for the Whole Family

Starring Magic Al, Keith Leaf, and Mike Maione

Prepare to be dazzled at the Silly Sorcery Showcase, a spellbinding event perfect for the entire family! Witness the astonishing magic of the renowned Magic Al, whose enchanting tricks and captivating illusions will leave audiences of all ages spellbound. Adding to the excitement is the incredible juggling talent of Keith Leaf, whose remarkable skills and comedic flair promise to entertain and amaze. The charismatic Mike Maione will host this unforgettable performance at Theatre Three in Port Jefferson on July 21 at 2 PM. Don’t miss out on an afternoon of fun, laughter, and wonder that will create lasting memories for everyone. Tickets are $20 and available from the Theatre Three box office at 631-928-9100.

Magic Al Garber
Magic Al Garber
Juggler Keith Leaf and Master of Ceremonies, Mike Maione
Juggler Keith Leaf and Master of Ceremonies, Mike Maione

October 31, 2024

6 PM and 8 PM

Haunted Encounters: A Halloween Experience

Step into the eerie world of “Haunted Encounters: A Halloween Experience,” a spine-chilling event that promises to bring local ghost stories to life like never before. Set against the backdrop of Halloween, when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest, this immersive show will transport guests into a realm of supernatural intrigue and spectral encounters. Jim Vines and Mike Maione, renowned for their expertise in paranormal phenomena, will guide you on this unforgettable journey, weaving tales of local hauntings that have lingered in the shadows for generations.

As the night unfolds, Vines and Maione will draw from a rich tapestry of local legends and firsthand accounts, each story more unsettling than the last. From haunted mansions to restless spirits wandering forgotten graveyards, their vivid storytelling will leave you with goosebumps and a heightened sense of the unknown. The atmosphere will be thick with anticipation as these seasoned storytellers reveal the dark secrets of the area, supported by chilling soundscapes and eerie visual effects designed to blur the line between reality and the paranormal.

What sets “Haunted Encounters: A Halloween Experience” apart is its interactive element, inviting guests to participate in the unfolding drama. As the moon rises, the presence of local spirits will become palpable, manifesting in ways that defy explanation. Whether through flickering lights, sudden cold drafts or whispered voices from the past, the supernatural will make itself known, ensuring that no one leaves without feeling a touch of the otherworldly. This Halloween, prepare to confront the unseen and discover the true essence of fear, guided by the masterful Jim Vines and Mike Maione in a night of unforgettable, spectral encounters. Tickets are $40. For information and to reserve your place, call the Theatre Three box office at 631-928-9100.

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